Iyengar Yoga Institute Prague is located in the very centre of Prague, in Vodičkova street. It was established in 2014 by Helena Kubrychtová Bártová and her team with the blessing of BKS Iyengar’s family from Indian Pune.

The Institute is a place where yoga is taught a little differently, following the classical path with set methodology, which leads students to develop and come to know their physical bodies, while also setting in motion a subtle transformation and growing self-awareness in life. Classes taught at the Institute will show you really quickly that yoga is not just about mechanically shifting positions and sweating on the mat!

Classes are led by certified teachers attending a three-year study programme which is very thorough and goes into all the fine details.

Group Classes are held in two halls, fully equipped with props, 6 days a week at nearly all times of the day. They are distinguished by the student’s level of experience and by the teacher’s qualifications (senior, introductory, trainee). Teachers with the highest qualifications (senior teachers) have extensive teaching experience, leading Group Classes and working with students who have various health issues. Therapy Classes are highly popular and sought after, as they help students understand their health issues on more than just the physical level. Many regular Iyengar yoga students not only improve, but sometimes even fully resolve, their health issues thanks to continuous practice and perseverance.

In addition to the general group classes, the Institute also offers private classes, workshops focused on specific topics, and a special continuous programme for advanced students with longer practice who wish to enhance their knowledge and ultimately become certified Iyengar yoga teachers after long-term studies with our mentors / senior teachers.

If you want to practice yoga in beautiful halls designed with love and care, which are full of natural light and not too packed with people, try Iyengar Yoga Institute Prague.