Radim Dušek

Level of education:
Teaches students of the following levels: L1/L2
Teaches in the following languages: CZ/EN

I discovered yoga in 1990. Mats, gym, first meditation.

However, due to lack of time in the post-revolution era, I dropped out for a long time. In 2009 I decided to give yoga another try due to health problems. I was very lucky to have met the right people at the right time. They showed me Iyengar yoga from more angles than just as an exercise of the body. They showed me yoga in its wider context and with multiple connections. The beginning was hard, the body was sometimes not able and at other times not willing, but my will was stronger and I persevered.

I was shocked to see that I agreed to participate in the teacher training. It was one of the luckiest decisions of my life and opened up new horizons and possibilities. My enchantment continues and I am doing all I can to pass it to the others. This is because I know that it is worth it and that Iyengar yoga can lead to a better life for everyone, who does not become scared of it at the start.

There is no universal answer as to why you should choose Iyengar yoga. It is upon each one of us to find our yoga.

Lessons of teacher