Hydration is very important, especially when you are after your practice.  Stay fully hydrated and healthy in style with new bottles from the Italian company 24bottles.

During September, bottles from 24bottles will be on stock in our institute. Their are unique for their design and functionality. The goal of 24bottles company is to reduce plastic pollution, with a style. They combine useful and functional objects with a good design. By purchasing your own bottle, you help not only yourself  but also the environment by reducing the production of disposable plastics.

You can choose between 3 variants:

  1. Clima bottle – keeps your drink cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours.
  2. Urban bottle – or a lightweight bottle, great for travel, you won’t even feel its weight.
  3. And for coffee lovers and not only coffee, there is the Travel tumbler, a portable mug that will keep your drink warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.

All of these will be available in various sizes and designs on our e-shop or in the institute.