27. - 28. 8. 2022

Intensive with Helena

Intensive three-hour practice is focused mainly on individual movement sequences for moving, stretching, strengthening and relaxing the body. These intensive workshops are intended for everyone who wants to move further i their own practice. This time Helena will focus on the work of the hip joints and the internal stabilization of the body in inverted… Read more

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5. 10 - 17. 12. 2022

Beginners course with Adele

The beginner’s course is for anyone who wants to learn the basic actions for healthy and safe yoga poses. In these 10 lessons, we will develop the mobility and strength of the body so that after completing the course you will gain stability and confidence in standing on your shoulders.

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12. 11. 2022

Workshop with Jana

The main content of the workshop will be inverted positions.

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15. 10. 2022

Workshop with Adele

A workshop focused on moving and relaxing the hip joints. It is designed as a comprehensive sequence of standing, sitting and inverted positions, including pranayama. Proper lower limb engagement is key to healthy hips and the entire pelvic region.

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6. 9. 2022

Pranayama course with Helena

A regular course with Helena will take place, during which you will learn various breathing techniques contributing not only to good health and prevention of respiratory tract problems or diseases but also to get new energy for the whole day.

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from 12. 9. 2022

Advanced course with Helena

The advanced course is intended for everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of Iyengar yoga and work on the practice of asanas at syllabus level I. & II.

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17. 9. - 18. 10. 2022 


All three gunas are always present in all beings and objects that surround us, but they differ in their relative numbers. We humans have a unique ability to consciously change gun levels in our bodies and minds.

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from 4. a 6. 10. 2022

Anti-anxiety course with Helena

The course is for everyone, not just Iyengar yoga students, who feel anxious or depressed during these uncertain times.

We will use yoga, breathing and meditation as a tool to overcome anxiety and depression.

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